September – December 2009


“The Whole Book: Pre-write to Publish” explores what a book is and how it happens. Four weeks of work finds the STAR artists, students, and faculty humming along with their investigations of book forms, collage, and writing.

Julie Murkette, author, consultant, and Satya House publisher, is working with a faculty writers group whose members are involved in various stages of writing processes. Some are developing concepts while others are closer to final manuscript edits and publication. The faculty members are Diana Mackiewicz, Tom Gaskill, Jane Cronin, Jessica Geary, Harold Burnett, and Tatyana Malyk with Kate Kelly and Deb Shanks as STAR team facilitators. Julie is also lending her guidance to two promising student writers, Anna and Heather. Getting right down to the nitty-gritty, they discussed and followed through with submitting original writing to some small literary journals, learning how to set up the pieces and write cover letter for submissions. Julie’s personal goal of using the residency to continue writing a book she’s begun about her family has been aided by her decision to remain “unwired” in her Green Room studio – eliminating the distraction of email. All writers, including Julie, are dealing with the difficulty of finding time to write amidst very active lives.

Donalyn Schofield, collage artist and book arts teacher, has set up her working studio in the Art suite and is mentoring four students. The students, Aaron, Ellena, Lindsay, and Lex, are interested in the many varieties of hands-on forms of book construction and welcome the opportunity to experiment with the concept of a book as an art form in itself. Using Donalyn’s sculptures, artist’s books and altered art for inspiration, these students are engaged in creating folded book forms, pop-up constructions, and paste paper collages. “It is very clear that these STAR students are excited about the possibilities of these art forms,” says Donalyn. Donalyn is also constructing amazing books of her own, utilizing the studio and her residency opportunity to develop her personal artistic directions. Many parents visited Donalyn’s studio during EHS’s Fall Family Weekend and were intrigued by the studio model of art’s education. As one parent commented, “I’m jealous!”


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